Finding correspondence via maximum cliques in large graphs

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The cliquematch package aims to do two specific things:

  1. Find maximum cliques in large sparse undirected graphs, as quickly and efficiently as possible. (cliquematch uses C++ internally to implement a really fast maximum clique algorithm).

  2. Construct large sparse undirected graphs in-memory for the various applications of the maximum clique/clique enumeration problem.

That’s it. cliquematch does not provide a way to modify a large graph once it has been loaded, or any other general capability, because: (1) the internal data structures are designed to optimize the clique search, (2) sparse graphs constructed for applications of the maximum clique problem are rarely modified by hand (constructed anew instead), and (3) there are better packages (networkx and igraph) for general graph analysis.


This is cliquematch v2, which has a simpler API than v1 and also provides the capability of clique enumeration. You view the v1 docs here.